LMI Global Amazon Analytics

Tracking over 65,000+ IT Assets on Amazon.


Features - WHAT is Selling on Amazon?

Tracking over 65,000+ IT Assets on Amazon - find WHAT is selling so you can Master the Amazon Sales Channel!

Sales Ranking

See an Item/ASIN's Best Sales Ranking over the last 30 days graphed on a chart for easy understanding on how the Item stacks up.


Supply & Pricing

How many are being sold? on Fulfilled By Merchanet (FBM) or Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). What are the pricings for FBM or FBA? And by Product Conditions? And BuyBox...


Estimated 30 Day Sales

How MANY of these Items/ASIN's have been sold in the last 30 days? This is our super uniqueness of our service - we KNOW what is selling and we give you access to this information.


Your Increased Sales

Knowledge is power. We give you the breadth and depth of knowledge into the Amazon markets (and subsequently the retails markets) to make better decisions that your competitors - this leading to Increasaed Sales.

Small devices
  • Best Sales Rank

    Amazon uses a Best Sales Ranking number for each Amazon Sales Identification Number (ASIN). As more of an item sells, the Item's ASIN Best Sales Ranking (BSR) is lowered. We have an extensive database of data points collected for over 65,000 IT ASINs and their Best Sales Ranking.

  • Buy Box

    Amazon has a certain price for the default purchase - this is the Buy Box. Just because you have the lowest priced doesn't necessarily mean your items are going to sell first. Your goal is to get the BuyBox and this can be tricky. KNOWING what the BuyBox pricing is half the battle.

  • Estimated Sales

    Amazon doesn't give out this information - you need to earn it. Getting an approximate number of sales each month for an item on Amazon can be really helpful - "Which Items should you stock? How many should you stock? What is the Demand in the market for the item?" are important questions. Knowing the answers are key to your success."


  • How much does it cost?

    $49.95/month for up to 20 products per day. There is a $99.95 one time application fee. We offer a 2 week free trial.

  • Why is there an Application Fee?

    LMI Global is a Brokers Only network. Your application fee covers the costs of making sure LMI Global members are Brokers. Additionally, we offer a $49.95 monthly credit for 'Linked Rreferrals' - up to 12 months. So essentially, you can get LMI Global for $99.95 for your first year.

  • What are 'Linked Referrals'?

    Linked Referrals are companies that you currently do business with - view them like a trade reference. This is one of the ways for LMI Global users to self-regulate who belongs and who doesn't. If you aren't really a broker you won't really be able to get Link Referrals.

  • Do I need to belong to an Industry Trade Association?

    As long as you have enough Linked Referrals you don't need to be part of an Industry Trade Association.

  • How does this compare to other Amazon Analytics?

    First of all, there is no IT Broker Amazon Analytics service. Second of all, other broader Amazon Services are not as focused on the IT Markets to provide you actionable intelligence.

  • I current don't sell on Amazon, why would I need this?

    What drives the wholesale markets? Yep, you got it! The retail markets... Having your fingers on the pulse of the retail markets allows you to make better decisions regarding pricing and stocking. Do you WANT to sell on Amazon? We can quickly get you selling on Amazon quickly, just send us an Email and we will get back to you.